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Melt & Float bridges my explorations of the landscapes and shorelines in North and South Iceland and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


Melt, reflects my experience in Olafsfjordur in North Iceland and visiting the Solheimajokull and Vatnajokull Glaciers and the Jokusarlon Glacier Lagoon in the South. Experiencing these landscapes and witnessing the effects of climate change informed my creation process and desire to capture the melting landscapes.


Float, is a response to my explorations of the shorelines around Cape Breton and hiking through Cape Breton Highlands National Park. I am particularly interested in what is washed ashore and aim to document these findings through fabricated objects and found materials.


Material exploration is an integral part of my artistic process. Through the fabrication of sculptural objects, I am able to explore the shapes and textures of natural forms. My current series includes fabrication techniques and processes which I have been applying to metal and alternative materials.

My work explores how we interact with the environment, the impact we have and how nature influences our lives. I aim to capture these interactions through sculptural objects, as a way to preserve these moments and experiences.

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