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            Tammy McClennan is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Ontario, who has exhibited in North America and Europe. She studied Sculpture/Installation at OCADU in Toronto and Metalsmithing at NSCADU in Halifax. She has participated in studio residencies in North Iceland (2016/2017) and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (2018/2019). Her work has been supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Craft Ontario and The Fur-Bearers.


           My work focuses on elements of the natural world and highlights our connection to the environment. My practice is predominantly object-based, and includes experimenting with materials, forms and fabrication techniques. My inspiration comes from immersing myself in nature and documenting my findings. In recent years I have been expanded my practice, incorporating photography, video and audio into my work. I am currently exploring the theme, temporary landscapes, how landscapes change naturally and through human impact.

            Since Spring 2021, I have been exploring and documenting beaver habitats around Southern and Central Ontario, which has informed my current video work. What I love about creating video projects, is that it allows for the amalgamation of different aspects of my practice. This includes implementing sculpture methods as well as landscape and wildlife photography for creating sets and characters.

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